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CLAT tests candidates on Basic English language, logical reasoning, legal aptitude, mathematics and general knowledge / current affairs. All the subjects carry a total of 200 marks. CLAT is certainly not an iron nut to crack, but, it still requires certain amount of preparation. Candidates must update themselves with the current syllabus before starting the preparation and also of the latest pattern.

Planned preparation will help you in getting the desired result. However, without proper guidance, things will be more rough and heavy for you. Achiever’s Compitech are based in Chandigarh and they have helped numerous candidates in getting over with this rough phase of preparation.

What makes us one of the best choices in CLAT Coaching Institutes? Here are the answers:

  • One cannot provide good service without good people. Our experienced and knowledgeable faculty helps us in delivering the quality education and training that is sought by CLAT candidates.
  • Our classrooms are well equipped along with all other facilities.
  • Due to small batch size, it is possible to pay attention to each person in the classroom and sort out individual issues.
  • Each subject is taught by a separate faculty. It is not just about conveying the information, but it is about implementing certain knowledge. We know how to solve a problem, but we have to race against time in the examination hall. Training from Achiever Compitech makes us more competent.
  • Study material is prepared according to the examination pattern. Specialized faculty not only tells us about the process, but also about the shortcuts.

At Achiever’s Compitech, you get to understand what CLAT is all about. What are the elements that are required in a person to clear this examination? You get the preparation that matter to you.

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