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In these days of liberalization and globalization, a career in law holds many promises in the future. International trade is increasing and there is an increase in the importance of WTO, and this will give further momentum in the requirement of lawyers. Increase in demand has also brought in increased responsibility on the part of lawyers.

Increased responsibility has brought in new changes in how one becomes a lawyer. The entrance examination to pursue a law degree has become more stringent and new changes are being made regularly. CLAT or Common Law Admission Test analyses a candidate’s competency to deal with different situations. It tests a candidate’s ability to think with logical reasoning and in a patiently manner.

Candidates have to work regularly on the assigned syllabus and have to cover many other things beyond that. Although, there is no prescribed limitation on what can be asked in the entrance examination, but the entire examination is divided into major categories. A candidate not only has to maintain accuracy while attempting the paper, but also has to maintain speed.

We, Achiever’s Compitech, work with student at every step in their preparation. Small class strength, individual attention, well-equipped classroom and exam oriented study material all combine to provide perfect support to student in their preparation.

There are various fields in which a qualified lawyer can work. They can start of as an advocate, with certain years of experience and after clearing PSC exam, they can go on to become a judge. Lawyers can also find job in a reputed organization as a legal advisor. Those who are able to do doctorate in this field can become a professor, the ones who have flair of writing so author a book after certain years of experience.

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