Top 10 Law Colleges in India

Top 10 law colleges in India – Achiever’s Compitech

An Overview Of The Top 10 Law Colleges In India

There are plenty in India who have a flair for the legal career. In that case, the very first thing to do is to overcome the barrier of the entrance examination. It is obvious that you have braced up for the examination, with all your aces. Now that you have got the CLAT score, what is the next move to make? Well, it all takes place in a sequential series of steps. The next move is to go on a college hunting job and find the top-ranked law colleges. To all intent and purpose, the CLAT score that you have acquired should be within the cutoff limit of the best law colleges.

  • The Bangalore-based National Law School of India University

It is a top-rated college on legal learning. Apart from offering the bachelors and the masters degrees in law, the university also offers four distinct post-graduate diploma programs in property, environmental and medical law. The Institute has a long-standing reputation and is supposed to be the oldest center of legal learning.

  • Delhi University affiliated Campus Law Center

The facility is much-acclaimed for its infrastructural excellence and the depth and knowledge of the faculty members. The school provides the successful bachelors’ and the master degree holders with the placement assistance.

  • The Bhopal-based National Law Institute

The law school is found collaborating with the internationally acclaimed universities. Thus, it opens up the opportunities for conducting research-based initiatives, both at the national, as well as, at the international level. The institute that has the recognition of the Indian Bar Council comes up with a curriculum that is industry relevant and conducive to growth and development

  • The Pune –located Symbiosis Law School

The institute not only finds accreditation with the Indian Bar Council but also has earned itself an A grade certification of the NAAC. The curriculum up here is comprehensive and industry-specific. There are provisions for practice-specific training, skill-building, and placement.

  • The University of Juridical Sciences in West Bengal

The institute that facilitates disseminated learning experience creates wonderful opportunities for the placement. The students are found acquiring a research-centric bias, as a result of the institute’s comprehensive approach to advocacy

  • The Jodhpur-based National Law University

The center collaborates with the overseas universities, and thus the students get the necessary exposure to the cross-country corporate and the legal workshops. The legal experts and the acclaimed jurists are found delivering lectures on the flow and flux of the national and international law.

  • ILS College in Maharastra’s Pune

The institute that affiliates itself to the University of Maharashtra has a diverse array of academic programs including an elementary certificate program on the skill of advocacy. You also have the option of acquiring a specialized orientation in cyber law

  • The Kharagpur-located Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law

The premiere institution has as many as thirty specialized departments. Apart from having a sprawling campus, the well-recognized facility includes some of the most qualified faculty members.

  • The National Law University in the state of Gujarat

The UGC approved institution is well known for its placement opportunities. Providing scholarships to the deserving students is another of its unique proposition

  • The Law Faculty of the Benares Hindu University

Besides providing scholarship grants and placement assistance; the facility also enjoys the support of an updated infrastructure. It is a fact that the CLAT score has to match the cutoff parameter. But at your end, you need to find out if the institute enjoys the approval of the recognized authorization bodies including the Bar Council of India.

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