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Qualified lawyers are highly sought after in India. Young lawyers do not join the bar and the Bar Council of India has expressed concerns. A mere 20% of the nearly ten lakh lawyers can be considered fit enough to practise their profession in court. Numerous law schools such as NALSR, NLSU were established to produce skilled lawyers to fulfil the requirement and to increase the level of legal education.

Admission in any reputed law college requires a candidate to clear the National Entrance Test. The syllabus for entrance test is enormous, and lot of focus and motivation is required on the part of aspirants. Candidates should improve their speed and accuracy by attempting mock tests. Here are some tips on how one can attempt this entrance exam in a promising way.

  • Students should go through current affairs of the past six months on topics such as international economics, finance and trade. Since, GK part comprises of the 25% of the overall test, it goes without saying that the importance of current affairs should not be underestimated. One can attempt the current affairs portion is the least amount of time.
  • The next portion comes the logical reasoning which includes analogies, logical sequences, syllogisms etc. A candidate has to identify logical links, patterns and remove illogical arguments.
  • An aspiring lawyer should be aware of the legal news. One should be conversant with the most common legal terminology of this field. It will be important for appearing the examination.

Lawyers have to polish their skills and be more productive to the clients. This profession is similar to chartered accountants and doctors. It is only with the passage of time and continued practise that a lawyer becomes more proficient, which brings them respect and make them famous.

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