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Best Clat Law Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Law is one of the most preferred routes for a promising career in India. This profession is usually passed on from one generation to another. However, it is not an eligibility requirement to be born in a family of lawyers to become one; neither you needs to have an affluent background.

Start Early

It takes 5 years to acquire a BA LLB degree, a basic requirement to become a lawyer. Prior to starting the course, a candidate has to clear a National Law entrance exam, CLAT. Therefore, it is best to start early so as to have maximum exposure before you start practising law on your own.
Other than law degree, a career in law requires significant amount of logical thinking and patience. To make things easier, beginners should train under a senior counsel. It requires considerable amount of dedication and hard work to become a successful lawyer. A keen eye for critical analysis and the ability to read between the lines will come in handy. You should be familiar with all these traits before you pick up this career.

Job Prospects

Opportunities are abound for law graduates. One can either work in a corporate firm or practice in a court of law as an advocate. After certain years of experience, one can clear the exam conducted by Public Service Commission and become a judge. You can also offer your services to ministries& government departments after gaining experience. A public prosecutor or a solicitor general can also be thought of as the next step. Here are some positions that you can take:

  • Civil Litigation lawyer – deals in civil laws such as excise laws and taxation laws.
  • Legal journalist – covers legal proceedings in courts and crime beats.
  • Document drafting lawyer – specializes in drafting documents like terms & conditions, agreements etc.

Best CLAT LAW Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

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